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The Sacramento River Watershed Project in collaboration with the Alliance for Resilient Communities (ARC) is dedicated to focusing on water safety and security in our Bioregional Watershed.

Climate change, whether man made or part of a natural cycle has considerably impacted the existing risks to forest watersheds and downstream water supplies. In part, this is due to fire and drought, but also in conjunction with management and development practices that do not promote sustainable and regenerative approaches to protecting our water.

The The Sacramento River Watershed Project is a critical step in creating a unified vision for future generations. We aim to identify regional issues concerning water safety and security. To establish a coalition of stakeholders including individuals, artists, indigenous communities, organizations, and government agencies, to hold those responsible for committing harms accountable, and to develop collective local and statewide strategies to implement innovative solutions.

These solutions pertain to heavy metals, pesticides, micro plastics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, privatization, livestock and agricultural run-off, fire suppresent and mismanagement practices. All of these that impact our water sources, community health and well being. Through speakers, films, discussions, and music we aim to collectively identify issues, propose solutions, and inspire action and change!